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The bar has been set for Brand Republic weddings. That’s ‘cos last January 24, 2024, Brand Republic’s Chief Accounts Officer, Anton Manalo, got hitched to his fiancee, Joan Bea Lopez, in an intimate ceremony in Antipolo City.

As the first in Brand Republic to have a wedding ceremony, everyone looked forward to the occasion. And, naturally, there were key people from the agency who were in attendance during their special day – those people who were witnesses to how their love story came to be.

For those who don’t know, Anton and Bea first met in 2021 (yes, during the pandemic!) when they had their meet cute. Honestly, it wasn’t love at first sight for Bea as she was a bit put off by Anton’s player-esque vibe. Still, Anton persisted as he considered Bea his dream girl “from the moment he laid eyes on her.” In time, Bea eventually ended up falling for Anton. In fact, they’ve been inseparable since. And it was not long after that Anton proposed to Bea in their vacation house in Batangas in front of his family – with Brand Republic tuned in via livestream.

Now, as people in the agency know, Anton is keen on the little details. And this really showed in their year-long wedding planning as he made sure that their personalities peeked through in even the most minute of things during their special day. 

In case you missed it, here’s a rundown of what happened during the Manalo nuptials:

The couple exchanged vows at the beautiful Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Antipolo City. The chapel, which was surrounded by lush flora and trees, was minimally dressed with candles and white flowers that was very reminiscent of their modern elegant theme.


The same elegance could be said for Bea. She was a vision in white as she walked down the aisle dressed in a fully-beaded mermaid cut ensemble with off-shoulder ribbons that accentuated her features. She then topped it off with a long ethereal veil to complete the look.

Anton was also in theme, of course. Tailored to complement his bride’s timeless look, he wore a dashing white suit that made him truly look like the star of his own entourage.

Anton Manalo

Speaking of entourage, Anton’s fellow managing partners, Jofel Gaddi, Markus Dayot, and Mario Garcia were also in attendance – with Jofel and Markus serving as his best men. Here they can be seen serving looks for days.

Also present were some key people from Brand Republic: Christine Camba, Lakki Gaddi, Marj Sumaway, Jepoy Madrid, Matthew Manimbo, Shaira Jardinel, and Che Solano who were spotted wearing in-theme polished looks.

After the I dos, the guests proceeded to Emerald Events Place in the same city. They were welcomed by a breathtaking view and a garden dressed with hanging lights & lounge tables, which set the tone for a chill yet dreamy wedding.

To supplement the ambience, the couple prepared quirky creative booths that showcased their personalities.

Veering away from the usual guest list, attendees were welcomed by a unique and memorable polaroid-type seating arrangement that guests could take home after.

There were also personalized letters that guests could write on – including a bucket list challenge and picture notes for long-lasting memories.

Also, true to the cocktail hour, guests were served with snacks & refreshments – with the delicious cold cuts and pastries as the main attractions!

Always thinking of their guests, the newlyweds also had a booth that gave out sandals for people wearing heels! Talk about a thoughtful couple, right?

To make the event more personal, Anton & Bea prepared wedding favors that guests could choose from. Attendees were free to pick from (and customize!) cord organizers, luggage tags, card holders, and the like – which all had the couple’s initials, of course!

In addition, the newlyweds also prepared instagrammable backdrops that guests could use while waiting for the formal program to start.

Lastly, stepping away from traditional photo booths, the couple tapped Poytobooth Avenue for 360 snaps that were undoubtedly a hit!

Here’s a video of Brand Republic’s Managing Partners fully taking advantage of it to fulfill their hollywood star dreams:

At around 6pm, the reception program finally kicked off. Guests were welcomed by a captivating set up that stayed true to the modern elegant theme. To be specific, the venue was dressed with bright chandeliers and a sea of white ornaments & crystals.

Though the program started off with opening numbers from Team Bride and Team Groom, it was the couple’s entrance that took the spotlight. They entered the venue wearing cool white shades while holding booze to set the tone for a fun and amazing night!

Now, to keep the energy going, the event was hosted by Swanee Gumatay-Budiao, while Appetite Music was enlisted to serenade the guests the entire night.

For the food, the couple tapped renowned caterer, K by Cunanan, to serve an indulging 6-course meal with some booze on the side!

With their help, the couple ditched the typical buffet and, instead, had a classy sit down dinner so people could freely enjoy the program while eating their hearts out. 

As tradition would have it, the newlyweds had their first dance. However, keeping on theme, the couple changed up the usual wedding dance by doing a routine no one was prepared for!

And finally, to cap off the event, the Manalos surprised their guests with a colorful display of fireworks overlooking the captivating view of Antipolo City.

Truly, it was one magical wedding. It started as a day where sincere joy, hope, and support from everyone in attendance was felt and ended as a night that people would always remember with abundant love. ❤️

Congratulations to the Manalos for a successful celebration! May your marriage be happy and amazing just like how your special day was!


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